When To Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, as you prepare to welcome in this world a teeny tiny soul, but as any wonderful thing, it has its downsides, especially if we are talking about a lack of sleep. This is why most of the soon-to-be mothers turn to a trick that’s actually helpful: a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy-PillowPregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for any need someone has, from back pains to a mere lack of sleep that could ruin your day and affect your health. However, one of the most important questions is: when should somebody start using a pregnancy pillow?

For starters, you don’t even have to be pregnant to buy a pregnancy pillow and enjoy its benefits. It can be used by everyone who wants to have a good night’s sleep without experiencing pain of any kind or waking up more tired than before. However, for pregnant women, as the belly starts growing, the comfort should be uplifted as well.

Ideal Time to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are a great resource for reducing general pains around the body, as they provide excellent support for your neck, back, joints, and they provide a high level of comfort, wrapping around your body and provide support wherever you need it.

Typically, there is no right or wrong time to buy a pregnancy pillow and start using it, but there are certain weeks of pregnancy where they come in very handy.

Normally, in the 20th week of pregnancy and after, you will feel the need to get more comfort, so week 20 is the most often time when soon-to-be mothers start using the pregnancy pillow. This happens because after 20 weeks, the womb starts getting bigger in order to accomodate for the growing baby, so this process can result in aches and round ligament pain.

Tips to Decide the Time to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

However, if you are not decided when to start using a pregnancy pillow and which kind of pillow you should begin with, here are some tips and tricks that can make you all set.

First of all, purchase a wedge pregnancy pillow that can help you ease the pain and get comfort in certain areas in the first weeks of pregnancy. This way, you can get used to owning a pregnancy pillow and prevent aches and pains from an early pregnancy stage.

After week 20 or more, when sleeping gets really uncomfortable and you need more support for the belly, purchase a full body pregnancy pillow that will adjust to your needs and will help you further on in your pregnancy time. If you have birth and you did not use a pregnancy pillow, then you should still purchase one, as it is an excellent help for when breastfeeding.

If you still are not sure about when to start using a pregnancy pillow, consult with your doctor and decide on when it’s ideal to use the extra support for getting a well deserved rest, because the pains could be also influenced by other factors, such as a poor diet or high stress levels, although studies have shown that a pregnancy pillow is ideal for pregnant women who need as much relaxation and comfort as they can get.

Prevent than to Treat Very Late

It’s not uncommon at all to experience aches and poor sleep during your pregnancy, so it’s better to prevent than to treat very late. This is why, instead of purchasing a pregnancy pillow when you feel really sore and unable to sleep, you should buy a pregnancy pillow in your early stages of pregnancy. This way, you can prevent the pains and the discomfort instead of letting them making you very tired and stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy pillows provide support even after giving birth, both for you or the baby, as you can either use it to feel comfortable when breastfeeding or you need to provide support to the baby in his first months of life.

Also, if you feel the need for even more support, try pairing the pregnancy pillow with a pregnancy support belt, as the two combined are a perfect means to tackle any kind of pain you experience.

Final Thought

Overall, although the majority of specialists and even mothers claim that week 20 is the ideal time to start using a pregnancy pillow, there still is no right or wrong time to start using it. Remember that you can start anytime you feel like needing more comfort and support, even if it’s in your early pregnancy stages or you just need a little more support for the belly in your late pregnancy stages.

Don’t wait for the pain to produce a lot of discomfort so you can buy and use a pregnancy pillow, use it when you feel like doing this. And even more important, remember that you don’t even have to be pregnant to own a maternity pillow in your home; they are suitable for anyone who just needs to sleep in comfort and wake up well rested. And who knows, when you get pregnant, you will thank yourself for making the right choice and thinking it beforehand!

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